Slow Fashion & Mindful Consumption this Sale Season

Consuming consciously this sale season

We’ve all been there. When your favorite e-commerce shop flashes the words BLACK FRIDAY SALE across the top of its website. It’s an invitation to spend and stock up on the items you don’t necessarily need.

At Pagerie, we’re doing things differently.

We’re asking you to slow down, think about your purchase and its significance. Will it serve you 10 years down the road? Does it represent quality? During this year’s sale season, we want to be a gentle reminder to purchase consciously—conscious towards yourself, your pet, and the planet.

Here, our founder Mandy Madden Kelley reveals why slow fashion is synonymous with Pagerie and how we’re encouraging intentional shopping.

Q: How do you define slow fashion and mindful consumption?

A: For Pagerie, slow fashion and mindful consumption is about buying something that you know was made with intention, something that’s handmade, something that will last a long time, and something that will age beautifully. It’s also about purchasing products that are great for the planet and for your pet.  

Shopping during sale season is what we do as a society. It’s comparable to social pressure. We know you’re going to shop during this season, so we want to shift your buying mentality. Our hope is that customers will purchase products that exude quality and elegance, which is what Pagerie stands for. Fashion tends to reinforce this idea of a disposable economy, which is incredibly wasteful. So we’re trying to make our customers mindful that this sale season, you should think about the things you purchase.

Pagerie is crafted with intention for the conscious pet lover, so how is Pagerie’s version of Black Friday more mindful?

We’re using a day like Black Friday to quietly stand against the multitude of sales being offered. We want our customer to think before he or she purchases a discounted product made to last a year. Instead, take the time to invest in one that will last a lifetime.

Also, we’re not only selling a product, we’re selling an experience. When purchasing Pagerie, there’s an ease and effortlessness in knowing you’re buying something once that is going to last.

As a shopper on Black Friday, there’s a lot of stress involved. For us, we’re saying don’t stress about it. Don’t rush. It’s the idea of encouraging our customers to invest more in slow fashion rather than fast fashion as we bring mindful consumption back to the forefront.

Q: When you look at brands in the slow fashion and mindful consumption space, who do you admire and why?

A: I love Stella McCartney’s values as a luxury brand and what they stand for. They’ve carved out a real segment in the luxury market where they focus on being as sustainable as possible.

For us, it’s about being conscious. We’ve thought of every single detail from the materials to the design, the fit, the packaging, and the materials.