Our Keepsake Reusable and Sustainable Packaging

ALL IN THE DETAILS:            

Our Keepsake Packaging

Pagerie is a solution to what was missing on the market for our canines and owners globally. In this series, All in the Details, we breakdown the distinct aspects of what makes Pagerie a house rooted in ultra-luxury and historical craftsmanship for the companions that bring us joy.

Pagerie’s luxury accessories might be for your pet, but the experience, thanks to the packaging, is just as much a gift for the owner.

When we fashioned our eco-friendly packaging, we had a few things in mind. It had to be beautiful, elevated, sustainable, and ultimately, a keepsake. And we believe we’ve done just that. Even the tag to pull out the cardboard drawer is made with organic cotton.

From the whisper of the tissue paper to the texture of the box, each element is made to be reused and reclaimed. Imagine Pagerie packaging under the Christmas tree. You already invested in something of quality, so you don’t even have to wrap it up.

Here, our founder Mandy Madden Kelley shares her vision for the packaging, which can be best described as a gift in itself.

Q: When giving direction for your packaging, what were the non-negotiables?

A: The number one was the quality of the box. I also wanted our products to be inside a dust bag within a box and the customer to actually keep it. The packaging should be something you can store your products in, your makeup, or even your socks. I wanted this box to be beautiful, so that it can be used for other purposes by the customer.


Q: It feels like a keepsake due to its sensorial aspects. Why was this important?

A: It's the idea that purchasing Pagerie is about quality, the experience, and the journey. We wanted our customers to not only enjoy the product for their pet, but also for themselves. The tissue paper and the texture of the box create a more personal experience. It's a bit of an introduction to what's inside. It really is a gift before the gift.

We also wanted the packaging to be sustainable and long-lasting. It's something that we potentially reuse and recycle in the future. It's something that's made to last 5 to 10 years down the road. It's a thing of beauty in and of itself.

Q: Pagerie's packaging is like receiving a gift, even if it's one for your dog. What sort of emotions did you want for the customer to pick up on when opening?

A: I wanted them to feel like we truly care about the owner as much as we care about the pet. When we thought about the whole experience of the packaging, we always imagined that the owner would be unboxing everything with their pet next to them.