The House of Pagerie

Innovative accessories that will stand the test of time: imbued with artful craftsmanship, exquisite attention to detail, and conscious functionality.


For us, luxury is uncompromising: quality over cost. Invest in a Pagerie piece and know that you have invested in value and prestige forever.


Luxury with a conscience: Our extensive research sources materials and manufacturing processes that minimise waste and environmental impact.


Sensual quiet confidence. Shapes that accentuate the beauty of animals in their natural presentation.

Wo(man)'s Best Friend with Phi Castillo

Before Phi Castillo was the bonafide co-founder of creative branding agency, Round Two Agency, she was not only using her prolific eye to create her own content, but she launched a dog walking company cleverly called At Your Leashsure.

The Les Arcs Collection: For you. For them.

Pagerie presents its first debut in the past two years — a journey of discovery, mission of sustainability and design with purpose. The new Les Arcs Collection explores the notion of then and now. Of light and darkness, of mystery and desire — a return to future.

Consuming consciously this sale season

We’ve all been there. When your favorite e-commerce shop flashes the words BLACK FRIDAY SALE across the top of its website. It’s an invitation to spend and stock up on the items you don’t necessarily need. At Pagerie, we’re doing things differently.

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