Most Coveted

Noma Collection

Noma is all about laid-back lightness and grace. These pieces are a breeze to put on and take off and yet the one thing they are certainly not light on is quality. The same attention to detail and materials as for all our other collections are here in abundance, from the contrasting stitching to the easy-peasy squeeze-to-open buckle. Take The Rava Leash alone: its handle is a mastery of braiding that takes 12 hours (yes, you may well gasp – 12!!).

Les Arcs Collection

Les Arcs collection is where sensuality plays against functionality with an undeniably pleasurable physicality. Línque, Simone, Ox, and Hiro reveal a sculptural beauty that is masterful yet alluring.
The OxThe Ox

The Ox

The SimoneThe Simone

The Simone

From $585

The Sahara Collection

The Sahara collection is made with attention to detail taken to a whole new level. The shapes follow a dog’s sensual curvatures. The materials define timeless elegance with functionality and durability. The features cleverly embrace comfort and ease of use, such as our swivel clasp and signature turnlock.