Walk with Quality.

Pagerie is an ultra-luxury fashion house for pets.

Pagerie is an ultra-luxury fashion house for pets.

We design innovative accessories that will stand the test of time: imbued with artful craftsmanship, exquisite attention to detail, and conscious functionality. For those who want to walk with quality, walk with Pagerie.

A timelessness — that whispers

Our vision is to create exceptional pieces that speak volumes about the owner’s style, without having to say a word. Our design ethos is drawn from the world of couture, with a focus on quality of craftsmanship and minimalist restraint.

Our dogs are our modern day horses.

Horses once walked alongside the great and the good. With their noble sleek lines and muscled curvatures, these animals rode everywhere with their companions. Today, another equally graceful presence accompanies us instead: our dogs.

We were inspired by Empress Joséphine, a strong, independent woman who sought companionship not from her consort but from Fortuné, her much treasured Pug. Our name is therefore taken from one of hers: Marie Josèphe Rose Tascher de La Pagerie.

Our dogs are an — extension of ourselves

We pride ourselves in how we care for and present those we love. There were times we wanted our beloved dogs to share our style – and, like us, to look their best. However, no available accessories suited such de rigueur occasions. They were too rugged, infantine, or tawdry. Pagerie was founded because our dogs and daily practices deserved better.

Our values are old-fashioned

Every Pagerie accessory is a classic investment piece:


Luxury with a conscience: in a world where fast-fashion wreaks havoc, our extensive research-sourced materials and manufacturing processes that minimise waste and environmental impact.


We opted for the most durable and sustainable option available – real, vegetable-tanned leather. Unlike faux leather made from synthetic plastic (PVC), the vegetable tanning process of real leather is biodegradable and reduces the output of toxic chemicals. Replenishing less also reduces waste.


We employ stainless steel for its aesthetics and longevity and no toxic chemicals are used during its plating process. Our hardware is custom-designed and custom-made, on par with your most coveted handbags.

Our luxury is not status

Luxury is a broad term encompassing many different opinions. For us, luxury is uncompromising: cost must not be sacrificed for quality.

Our dog accessories convey cache and presence. Invest in a Pagerie dog collar, leash or harness and know that you have invested in value and prestige forever. And ever.