Seasonal Produce Your Dog Wants To Try

Farmer's Market Produce Your Dog Wants To Try

Seasonal produce mindfully selected from an organic farmer’s market stall need not be a human-only experience. There are tons of healthy, whole foods that are not only safe for dogs to eat but are also beneficial to their health, according to the American Kennel Club. With shopping in mind seasonally, we ran our favorite local produce through the site’s search function and created our shopping list, below.


Remove the pit and feed in moderation.


Remove the rind and seeds then serve in small pieces, either frozen or fresh.


A little raw pineapple makes a great snack.

Green Peppers

They’re safe and pack a nutritional punch.


Apples are safe for dogs, just remove the core and seeds first.

Green Beans

All types of green beans are safe for dogs.

Remember to always do your research from trusted sources, consult your veterinarian when changing your dog’s diet, and serve new foods in moderation.