Celebrating One Year of Pagerie with an Wonderful Charity & Luxurious New Goods

A company as dedicated to our furry friends as Pagerie could not have started without the purest love between a person and their dog. When Pagerie founder, Mandy Madden Kelley, initially got the idea for a high-quality, luxurious dog collar and leash it wasn’t for status or to add ‘founder’ to her resumé, it was for Hector, her beloved French Bulldog. Like all dogs, Hector is more than a pet; he’s a family member, steadfast companion, sweet potato connoisseur, and an expert at moving around a room while in Sphinx Pose. Mandy’s love for Hector is the kind of devotion only pet owners understand, and she thought, we invest in our homes, our wardrobes, and ourselves, so why not our four-legged best friends? Pagerie was founded because our dogs and daily practices deserved better.

The idea was easy — classic, chic accessories with quality to last a lifetime — but the journey began with a complicated question:

What should a canine investment piece look like? Better still, why should it be any different from the other luxury leather goods we carry with us?

For Pagerie, canine luxury means materials selected for durability and environmental impact, then rendered in timeless hues that wear well as they age. It means durable hardware that stays intact for years and is gentle on your dog’s skin and coat. Most of all, it means a marriage of practical design with a stunning aesthetic that is as gorgeous as it is convenient. The Pagerie dog owner isn’t concerned with labels, it’s craftsmanship they’re after and so Mandy and the Pagerie team enlisted some of the finest materials and makers from around the globe to begin this journey.


Pagerie’s commitment to blend design and sustainability starts with its vegetable-tanned leather.

Unlike synthetic leather, which is often made from plastic and must be replaced more often than the real thing, cow leather is lighter and more durable. To ensure a cleaner dying process, Pagerie tans its leather with natural vegetable dye. Unlike plastic-based goods that can pollute the earth for 400 years before decomposing, vegetable-tanned cow leather is biodegradable and REACH-certified, so it follows EU guidelines on reducing harmful chemical waste.

Selecting the best hardware available was also crucial. Pagerie’s lead-free stainless steel, includes strong mechanical hardness and guarantees exceptional corrosion resistance under the most severe conditions.

It is non-toxic, recyclable, and hypoallergenic.

Made with even the most sensitive dog’s skin in mind; when tested, there were zero reports of skin irritation or allergic reactions.

From a harness, collar, and leash to a dog bag holder and ID tag, Pagerie has seen an amazing first year, full of revolutionary and fun products. To celebrate our success, we’re giving back to The Labelle Foundation, an organization that serves the animal rescue community by specializing in neonatal orphans, medical dogs and mothers and babies. Their goal is to help the animals they rescue find loving forever families, save as many lives as possible, and educate on the importance of responsible dog ownership. For ten years, The Labelle Foundation has helped build an extensive network for fostering furry friends and we are thrilled to donate 20% of Pagerie’s revenue now through the end of October.

Of course, without you (and Hector), we would be nothing. We are honored that you have been a part of our journey thus far and we are thrilled to share our next year with you! Follow along our journey on social media for a peek at what we’re working on next.

Cheers to another year of belly rubs, treats and incredibly chic dogs.