Introducing: The Noma Collection


For Noma is designed with the dainty in mind, for the small in stature, but bold at heart. And so the whimsical, the quirky, the perky and the cheeky will meet their soulmate at Clyde, Rava, Petite and Margot.

Petite in size.
Bold in personality.

Small in size suggests a strong character, so there’s no doubt that our quaint, mischievous and eccentric creatures will deeply cherish the harmonious lightness and grace found in the Noma collection, yet it carries sharp detailing and it’s certainly not light on its quality.

With each object being a breeze to put on and a breeze to take off, the same attention to quality as for all our other collections is found in Noma in abundance, from the contrasted stitching and layering to the easy-peasy squeeze-to-open custom-designed buckles.

Representing love of the dainty and delicate, yet adorned by the fierce and brave. Noma™ will dare you to embrace slower-paced living in a fast-paced world. Treasure every moment with your pet, with the help of La Maison de Pagerie. A collection which savours the immediacy of the sensual aesthetic, combined with the contrast of longevity with its composure. Noma is that wall of intrigue on a bustling street, from the start of the day ‘till the end. It will make you stop and stare.

With Noma, you’ll discover the power of thoughtfully designed, exquisitely crafted canine accessories, made to embrace your pet's slender form.

A Return to Our Roots

As PAGERIE continues to strive for a more ethical and sustainable future, hand-crafted and traditional ‘slow fashion’ techniques brings the Noma collection to life. The techniques used to make it come to life have been passed through several generations and perfected over countless years. With this collection, Pagerie takes a moment to celebrate the artisans who have beautifully contributed to bring the vision to life by integrating a hand-braiding into our objects - and transform them into true pieces of art. Taking definitive dedication and a vast amount of time to delicately and artistically put together.

For this reason, each and every object will remain to be ‘a made-to-order item’ as it takes more than 12 hours to perfectly compose by hand. No mass production here. We move with true purpose and passion. And our precious pets in varying sizes will cherish these keepsakes for years to come.

A Quest for Quality

With this launch, The House of Pagerie is honouring the previous elements that build the brand’s ethos. We continue to embark on our tried and tested materials, seen in the earlier collections. Noma also comprises 100% surgical grade stainless steel and REACH-certified cow vegetable-tanned leather which is biodegradable. Each piece is hand-sculpted with meticulous attention to detail by the finest European artisans.

Meet the Objects

Come, let’s take a leisurely stroll together to discover the objects which make up the Noma collection. Here, you’ll find attenuated and articulated silhouettes with a glimpse of braided charm. The latest arrivals combine unforgettable and sublime details lovingly made for our petite pets.

The Clyde, The Rava, The Petite, The Margot allow Pagerie to make a true debut into the world of Pet Accessories, inspired by streamlined and dainty silhouettes, these objects are destined to be cherished by our smaller pets, year after year.


Our dainty darlings deserve forever pieces in life. The Clyde collar is a sleek leather pet collar adorned with surgical grade stainless steel hardware. Petite pets need a collar they love to wear, day in and day out. They want something traditional and trendy. Nothing fussy nor sparse. The Clyde, to your dainty pet, is more than just a regular collar to fasten around their neck. It is a little treasure to be adorned on each and every walk. The collar is easy to put on and take off, thanks to our signature side-release buckle.


A leash for smaller pets: Good things come in small packages, right? The Rava is light and airy, breezy, but strong. A sensual object to satisfy your pets desires, with hand-woven braiding, which takes 12 hours to compose… (Gasp!) This stunning leash is hand-crafted in Europe with REACH certified leather. The slender lines flow smoothly onto a modest pet silhouette, for all-day comfort. Exposed topstitching juxtaposed with elegant colour options.


She’s a sculpture for admiring eyes. She ticks all the right boxes. She’s comfortable, practical and stylish. She’s light as a feather and she’s made for your pets small frame. Guaranteeing a purrr or a wag of a tail, she promises to deliver a perfect blend of suave and security. Her elongated lines aligned with the subtle curves and edges are just enough without being too ‘out-there’.

She’s treasured by pets of all sizes. So, the next time someone tells you style and comfort are mutually exclusive, show them The Petite, the absolute perfect blend of both.


The Margot Whistle is finesse-engineered to provide a range of frequencies, allowing you to find the best pitch for your pet and your needs. It is appropriate for professional pet training, either to attract your dog's or cat's attention or to modify pet behaviour.

Intricately hand braided necklace created from the most exquisite French leather dangles the cigarette shaped whistle, which is comprised from surgical grade stainless steel.

The Noma Collection speaks the art of mindful living, made to be adorned by smaller pets. It’s one which celebrates the preciousness of time and delicate traditional craftsmanship. It’s made for a walk of ease. For a walk of quality.

It's made for a walk of ease. For a walk of quality.