Introducing The Colombo Harness: A Limited Edition Lightweight Harness Designed For Everyday Wear

ALL IN THE DETAILS:                                  

The Colombo Harness

Pagerie is a solution to what was missing on the market for our canines and owners globally. In this series, All in the Details, we breakdown the distinct aspects of what makes Pagerie a house rooted in ultra-luxury and historical craftsmanship for the companions that bring us joy.

Our latest iteration and sister to The Babbi is The Colombo, a lightweight harness perfect for everyday wear.

The Babbi was constructed for the winter season, but when warmer temperatures come around, The Colombo is the answer to your canine companion’s spring and summer needs, thanks to its breathable design.

The Colombo Harness is an homage to the famous British thoroughbred racehorse of the same name. The harness is made to make your pet feel strong and powerful while donning a seamless piece that won’t weigh them down.

Here, our founder, Mandy Madden Kelley, shares The Colombo’s design details, why this harness is different from others on the market, and our vigorous testing that guarantees comfort for your Pagerie pet.

Q: What makes The Colombo different from other harnesses on the market?

A: It is a breathable harness for everyday wear with curvatures that celebrate your pet. The design is aligned with the Pagerie brand. It has a P that is stitched onto the strap for Pagerie, it has our signature pear shape, and it has our signature hardware from the buckles to the D-ring to the signature turn-lock. It is also a piece that you know is going to last and age gracefully.

The Colombo is also functionally unique. The first time you put the harness on your dog, adjust the buckles to ensure a perfect fit and to avoid resizing every time. The attachment system is a total innovation: on a traditional harness, a leash is attached at the back but The Colombo attaches to either of your dog’s shoulders. This helps train your pet not to pull if they’re used to running ahead of you.

Q: Is there anything distinctive about The Colombo compared to the rest of your collection?

A: Yes, we are featuring a new colour. Because I was inspired by this strong, fast horse, we wanted the new colour to be more trend-focused, more powerful, and more masculine. The new shade is called Saddle and it has this beautiful white stitching, which accentuates the design and the curvatures even more.

Q: What is the significance of the pear-shape?

A: The Columbo has this cute pear shape, which all our designs include. It has become our brand identity, representing the body of a pet; their muscles and curvatures. That is what we wanted to celebrate with our pets. When we created the shape, we felt it resembled this beautiful, central body of a woman, but it also has this gorgeous replication of how the muscles are formed.

Q: What does testing look like and how does it encompass safety for the user?

A: We didn’t launch The Colombo when we first revealed Pagerie because it was still being tested. We wanted to ensure that everything we released was well thought out.

Yes, it is a design piece, but at the end of the day, it is also an investment piece, so you should use it with ease. And because of that, we made some adjustments to our design. We added the D-rings on top rather than near the chest area, so they are closer to the back near the shoulder blades. We noticed that it makes it much easier for the owner to walk their dog. We are constantly improving our designs for that aspect.

We also wanted to ensure that the features were very strong. You’ll notice that the D rings are double stitched against the leather to avoid any sort of escape.

There is also better air ventilation. It has a little ‘'peek-a-boo' cut out on the back, which allows for outdoor adventures without getting too hot.

And lastly, it is allergen-free and custom-designed because of the treatment. The environmentally friendly stainless steel is also made with superior durable materials, so it will not cause allergies when it comes into contact with the skin.